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Our main activity is manufacture and sale of midge and herbal products.
The main website is Totally Herby of Scotland, our trading name.

 Totally Herby for Your
 Kitchen and bathroom  Natural midge bite relief
 made in Scotland
 with fresh herbs

Quality Herbal Products, Software, and Internet

We are an innovative manufacturer which designs, markets and distributes a unique and distinctive range of natural herbal products for Totally Herby of Scotland, such as the highly popular Stop Bite midge repellent spray with bog myrtle and lavender, Itch Ease insect bite spray also used for nettle stings, Toots Ease foot spray, Sting Ease for wasp and bee stings. As well as sprays, we have products manufactured to our specification such as the midge head net, with that and the midge sprays we make our full midge monty. Our newest product range is pure essential oils, after requests from customers. We also made the Scottish favourite, delicious clootie dumpling to our own recipe, and wee Christmas Puddings, though we suspended that to concentrate on our midge and tick ranges. Our customers are Independent shops and businesses all over Scotland, the Lake District and Wales, Ireland and other EU and non-EU countries, and direct over the internet.

 midge magic repellent spray, also as lotion
 natural midge repellent spray. New products are Midge Magic and Tick Magic, natural repellents in sprays and lotions, made in Scotland, and we also sell the full range of CarePlus Natural midge repellent, which repels midges, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Made from a lemon eucalyptus extract and safe for kids! It comes in a spray, stick, and roll-on. There is more information and you can buy from our Midge Repellent website.

We support the work of Act4Africa delivering HIV/AIDS education programmes in Africa, they get a discount on their purchases of insect repellents (and other products), and other charities can also get a discount on our goods, please inquire via Totally Herby.

 The Wych Elm. Flourishing in Northern parts, 
 spread by seeds, branches round the world.  midge net and
 mosquito net During the millennium bug computer crisis, our Y2k product was TD Tools by Echlin and Crouch for "Time Dilation" (the "Crouch-Echlin effect"), a problem with IBM compatible PC's BIOS and RTC. Our customers included computer manufacturers, oil gas and energy, financial and retail, airports, government and public bodies, such as IBM, Intel, Raytheon, Unilever, Shell, Amoco, British Gas, US Forestry and Glaxo Wellcome. After the y2k we were pleased to be the global distributors outside the Americas for a highly useful and excellent, simple to use software product, NXTract for Oracle. This exports data from Oracle to use in other applications, or to import to another database management system such as DB2 UDB from IBM.

 Stovies from Scotland Elmbronze Ltd. maintains and hosts these websites, and a few client business sites such as Hasties (Hastie of Largs), and the original website of a unique Ayrshire ceilidh band The Loudon Ceilidh Band. Local issues like the proposed coal-fueled power station at Hunterston are explored. We experiment with unique web concepts like Scottish Stovies and sponsor our own Largs community website. All websites are genuinely engineered for content, but still manage to achieve top search engine rankings without tricks. Fascinated by the Internet and its potential for levelling the playing field for small Independent businesses, we maintained a Country Code Top Level Domain list.

All Products are wholly owned and manufactured by Totally Herby of Scotland,
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