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Elmbronze Ltd was formed in Scotland in 1994 to provide high quality computer software, for the IBM mainframe, and PC. We are headquartered in the West of Scotland on the Firth of Clyde - once the proud home of a world-famous ship-building industry and still building and refitting fine ocean-going vessels. Because of the ingress of hi-tech companies over the last 4 decades, the Forth-Clyde area is popularly known as Silicon Glen. The Clyde has some of the finest sailing waters in the world, and the surrounding coast is highly popular with tourists.

We were members of the IBM Partners in Development programme, and Dave Eastabrook, the founder, had a background of over 27 years with IBM mainframes. As well as applications analysis and programming, testing, and database work for blue chip companies, manufacturing and financial, he had over 10 years tailoring and implementing, designing and programming Program Products, from basic concepts through to seeing the products used by the customers and giving advice on their use. Since 1990 he has also been using and learning about the Personal Computer and its technicalities, with earlier experiences with the Z80. Since late in 1996, when local call rate dial-up access reached Largs, he took a great interest in the internet and UseNet, and to e-commerce and forums such as First Tuesday for entrepreneurs.

Because of his long connection with computer software, Dave Eastabrook took y2k - the two digit problem - very seriously. Elmbronze helped avert the Year 2000 crisis by performing program code changes for clients, by providing a source of open information, opinion and news on our web-sites, by postings in news:comp.software.year2000 and a newsgroup news:uk.tech.y2k Dave was a prime mover in starting back in May 1998, and by selling from September 1998 a solution to a particularly unusual aspect of it (Time Dilation), a problem recognised and accepted by very few.

This changed the focus of Elmbronze Ltd to production and packaging, sales and distribution of product packages or programming toolkits for the PC and mainframe environments. Mainly these were produced by other software authors all over the planet, who had limited access to the marketplace. Telework or telecommuting is becoming a more and more popular form of working for both the worker and organisation. From experience we found both motivation and quality to be far higher, as well as making the work itself more enjoyable and convenient for the worker!

Marketing software products, and ourselves as computer expert telecommuters led us more and more to sales and marketing themselves; a problem we found in both of these was constant frustration at not being in immediate control of the product, and having necessary delays in changes we saw necessary for the success of the product.

Because of a long time interest in herbs, and their uses in complementary medicine and cosmetics, Dave had for many years grown and used herbs in various external preparations - as well as in cooking! One of these cosmetic uses was in a topical spray for insect bites - especially for midgie bites. Clearly the hobby could lead to the business, and before long not only were we selling that spray, but had researched and developed a very effective midge repellent from a herb shrub well known in Scotland, the bog myrtle (or myrica gale). This is now (2006) the focus of our enterprise, and over the past 4 years we have developed and kept a large customer network of shops and other retail outlets over the UK. We aim to keep our customers happy by providing a top quality and effective herbal products and first class service and delivery.

Scotland, where we are based, has its own parliament. This will inevitably lead to a period of great change for Scotland and Scots, and may or may not lead to full Independence from the UK. It represents a great challenge, and a great opportunity for us all here, and Elmbronze Ltd intends to provide as much support as possible for the business environment, helping present a co-ordinated and attractive international shop-window, for trade and tourism alike, both on the ground, and on the worldwide web.

 The Wych Elm. Flourishing in Northern parts, 
 spread by seeds, branches round the world.

Our logo is quite logical as you'd expect from people closely associated with computers! As well as being bronze in colour, our tree is the Wych Elm which flourishes in Northern parts by streams - or burns as they are called in Scotland. It is unlike the common types of elm tree which are more numerous, and are taller and larger, but not so well-covered with branches. It also provides shelter from the sun - or the rain! From a seedling found in a Scottish Castle is derived the Camperdown Elm, grafted to a stem of the Wych Elm, and with shoots that reach the ground all around it.

We hope our Camperdown Elm - and our network of friendly independent retail outlets - provides you with first class products and a first rate service.

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