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The small print - Elmbronze Ltd and its directors, shareholders and employees accept no responsibility whatsoever for any deficiency in any software supplied, or for any losses, financial or otherwise, suffered as a result of using the software, whether used in accordance with instruction or not. Any liability will in any case be restricted to the cost of the materials supplied. Suitability of any goods for any purpose should be decided by customers, and we accept no responsibilty for unsuitability of goods for any purpose, or any errors or omissions in web-site, display, advertising or other material.

Elmbronze Ltd. will, however, make all reasonable endeavour to supply fully working, and up-to-date versions of the software and documentation, and will make available the usual corrections, patches and upgrades to the best of its ability, subject to whatever charges may be normally applicable, or whatever practices Elmbronze Ltd has at that time in the interest of "Goodwill" trading. For this purpose we will use the contact information supplied at time of order, and tracking is by licence number, in accordance with the industry norm. It is for this reason we strongly recommend Customers to supply us with an email address at time of order. Please also retain your licence in a safe place, and always take notes of the upgrade number(s) applied when using downloads, if any are made available.

Your acceptance of terms and conditions imposed by Elmbronze Ltd at any time shall be modified by whatever statutory rights are granted by UK Sale of Goods Act 1979 or relevant legislation. Elmbronze Ltd is based in Scotland, presently part of the United Kingdom. All sales are governed by Scots Law under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

All rights, copyright, trademarks, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), design, watermarks and anything and everything else you can think of are reserved by Elmbronze Ltd of Scotland, unless otherwise owned such as Oracle by Larry, DB2 UDB by IBM, NXTract owned by Kiyo Inc, DOS or Windows owned by Microsoft etc. No liability is accepted for any improper or incorrect usage.

You are encouraged to visit our privacy and data protection page. If there's anything else we should be sticking down here like everyone else does, consider it done.

Well, that's it folks, in spite of all these draconian warnings, we'll trade with good intent and all that good stuff. And consider all complaints according to their merit - not that there'll be any complaints of course . . . . .

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