Quality Assurance and Virus Control

These notes are for computer products, we keep them to show that even though our focus these days is on manufacturing herbal products, our understanding of the importance of Quality goes back a long way.

Quality Assurance. We have strict quality procedures to ensure that disks and media are correctly produced, and operate a 100% checking program to ensure that the contents of our media are identical to the release software, and that the media is readable. Similarly for packaging, we have a checklist which our operatives must tick off as they go. Cheques are cleared just before we dispatch product, and credit card payments are also taken and authorised, but will not be so until the product is ready for immediate dispatch. As this is part of the checklist, it should not be possible for mistakes to be made here.

For the software products we ensure that the publishers have a satisfactory quality program of testing, and change control (i.e. that they carefully control new version production). Future plans are that software products will have to be stored in escrow, that is, the source code would be stored off-site by an independent in case of accident or bankruptcy. This is not currently done for TD Tools, since the priority is to get it, and new versions, out into the marketplace before 2000-01-01.

Details of version changes are carried on the support page for the product. Here also will be notifications of faults reported in our products, whether by us or our customers. These will be given a status of confirmed or not confirmed, with action to be taken. Notifications will be via this web-site, and in some cases by email. Although presently we are primarily software distributors, we do test the software to the best of our abilities, and pass back to the publishers suggestions for improvement from us, our network of resellers and from our customers. We also keep copies of all back releases and documentation.

Our sales staff are not generally technically trained, which is why we prefer questions and comments by email. Individual resellers may or may not be fully trained in the products; they are your first-line support, but we are pleased to hear from you if they cannot fully answer your questions.

Virus Control. TD Tools programs are checksum protected and should not generally execute if they become infected by a virus. All software releases are checked with major anti-virus products to prevent viruses reaching you from us. We also retest on a regular basis as new patterns are detected every month, and could therefore activate an alarm even on an old and established version of our programs.

We protect our customers from false alarms as much as possible, but it is our policy that we would warn our customers of a possible virus infection as soon as we receive an alarm and check it is not a hoax. We have an open policy, as for reports of possible bugs in our software, but apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Notifications and progress reports would be via this web-site and in some cases by email.

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